Five of the Finest Options In Removing Keloid Scar

There are a lot ways that we can apply in order to protect our skin from scars and damages. We do this not just because we wanted to look good, but also to keep our skin healthy all the time. But despite the fact, there are unavoidable incidents that could take place anytime. One of the many problems of our skin are scars and skin infection. In this article we are going to tackle about Keloid scars, what it is, how to treat it and what to do if it’s getting worse.

What Exactly Is Keloid and How Can You Obtain One

Scars occur when an open wound heals or when there is less production of collagen during rapid expansion or stretching of skin tissues. Not all keloids look a like as their appearance, color and texture may vary. Although it’s not acquired through air, it can be painful, itchy and the texture of the scar changes. In most cases, hypertrophic scars can be mistaken as keloid scars. Although they are both scars they have different behaviors and appearance. The main difference of the two is that hypertrophic only takes the shape of the used-to-be wound, while keloid tends to overlap on its boundaries.

Ideas on How to Treat

Topical Cream For Scars- whether your keloid mark will vanish will depend on how strong the topical scar removing cream you’re going to use. The very reason why I would advise you to use topical cream first is that its easier to maintain and does not cost much. But you have to carefully choose the product that you are going to use because there are a lot of scar removing creams in the market that are not potent enough for keloid. In applying topical cream to remove keloid scars would totally depend on the effectiveness of the cream you are using.

Surgery- having a surgery is a sure fire way to get rid of your problem and it is also one of the expensive method as well. Not only that it’s expensive but it also require a lot of caring during operation and after. Another draw-back with this process is that there is a possiblity that the scar wont be totally erased and it may even reappear.

Silicone Scar Sheets- unless you have a good scar cream that you are going to use with a silicon scar sheet, this method won’t be that effective. Although the rate of effective of this remedy increases when certain criteria is met, the are some issues on discomfort with this one. In some cases when the user stopped using silicone sheets and scar cream the keloid re-appeared. The sheet causes itching because the user have to use it for the most part of the day.

Injection of anabolic steroid- You only adhere to this option if your keloid is thick already. It’s best to seek your dermatologist’s opinion. Two or more seasons of this process can completely erase the mark on your skin. The negative side of this one concerns whether is safety for your health or not.

In removing keloids it is best to take action during the early stages of the problem so that you won’t have to spend too much time, effort and money treating it. If your serious about removing your keloid scars, you can undergo radiation therapy which is quite costly. Although it is 100% effective, it still requires time and money in the process.

When you want to decide what keloid removing treatment you want to choose, make sure that you are aware of the pros and cons involve. Apart from searching for the best scar treatment for you, opt for the time you are willing to invest along the way.